Châm hàng


Dịch vụ châm hàng

Merchandise replenishment service

- Coming soon ​-

All incoming merchandise will be out by peak hours!

This service not only improves the condition of the sales floor, but also allows store staff to focus on customer service and other tasks.

Backyards are minimised and ordering accuracy and stock control are improved!

Backyard stock is reduced by outgoing incoming goods. This makes it clear what and how many products are becoming scarce in the shop and should be ordered. The accumulated effects create a positive cycle of stock management, minimising wasted stock and missing items, which in turn leads to improved management.

Thay đổi/Sắp xếp lại kệ hàng

Shelf change / remodeling

- Coming soon ​-

Creating a sales floor that meets the expectations of shoppers

Are the products that shoppers are looking for and searching for available in the store?
Are the products laid out correctly?
To do these tasks efficiently and accurately requires expertise. Ajis staff have the expertise and experience to ensure merchandise layout is exactly as planned.

Bố trí


- Coming soon ​-

Lump-sum contracting for the installation of fixtures, product displays and promotional materials for new shop openings.

Work is completed within a set period and date. We can also handle tasks requiring special knowledge and skills, such as moving, dismantling and assembling fixtures, and working on outside sales areas.

Kiểm tra ngày hết hạn

Check expiry date

- Coming soon ​-

Supporting retailers' 'food loss prevention measures'.

AJIS’ Best-before-Date Checking Service helps retailers resolve issues related to food loss countermeasures, which are also receiving increasing attention in the context of the SDGs.

Dịch vụ bảo trì định kỳ

Round Maintenance service

- Coming soon ​-

Supporting manufacturers and retail stores.

Responds to situations such as in-store samples for hands-on experience not working properly, or missing or disorganized installation of advertising materials. We make regular visits (cleaning and installation) and provide technical support (checking operation, replacing parts, and handling repairs) as needed. Failures in the field can lead to a loss of customer confidence and stalling of the business model. Maintenance helps you achieve business productivity and high satisfaction.

Mua sắm bí mật

Mystery shopping

- Coming soon ​-

Surveys conducted by anonymous researchers who act as shoppers while actually shopping.

The content of the survey can be customised to suit the industry, business type and objectives, as well as customer service and shop conditions. Specialist surveyors who have passed a rigorous screening process carry out objective and highly accurate surveys with clear evaluation criteria. Undercover surveys, which can be carried out at any time, enable a clear understanding of the actual situation in the shop. The survey results are quantified and visualised and submitted as a report that can be compared and analysed. The surveyor’s comments are also appended to the report. The internet is used and emphasis is placed on speedy delivery. 

PDCA cycle to strengthen the organisation.

Strive for greater heights beyond your competition. In the PDCA cycle for improving service and customer satisfaction (CS), mystery shopping by a third party serves as an objective means of checking and can lead to more effective improvement measures. Initiatives that receive a high evaluation can be horizontally deployed to help improve service and CS across the company. It provides reliable guidelines for service and shop improvements.