Support for closing inventories as well as partial inventories and cycle counts in high-loss sectors

Our service system can be provided 24 hours a day in Vietnam.
Educated and trained specialists make full use of inventory terminals and software developed by the company to carry out product counting, data compilation, report preparation and data delivery. Inventory results can be delivered in the format of your choice on the spot after work is completed!

Benefits 01

Accurate single item inventory data

Our staff are specially trained and educated in stocktaking and conduct counts on site every day.
When shops carry out their own stocktaking, they do it once a year, or at most four times a year… There is an overwhelming difference in accuracy and productivity between our staff and professionals like us who carry out daily counts.
In addition, our staff accumulate inventory know-how on a daily basis, so they make full use of counting methods according to the characteristics of the products and devote themselves to achieving accurate results.
Accurate inventories are an integral part of making management decisions.

Benefits 02

Focus on sales

Are your shops closed for stocktaking?
Not only will you not be able to meet the expectations of your customers who have come to shop with you, but you will also lose sales opportunities.
With AJIS, you can carry out inventories during the daytime and after the shop closes at night, so business can go on as usual!
It also significantly reduces the burden on shop employees.
Outsourcing inventory, which is only done a few times a year, is the best option.

Benefits 03

Reduce total costs by 20-30% on average

Outsourcing eliminates costs such as personnel costs for audit staff, prior training, terminal arrangements, material arrangements, data processing input and system development! Furthermore, the ability to secure sales provides benefits beyond costs alone.